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BPF strives to inform citizens and elected officials on its views regarding public policies that benefit or cause hard to Mississippi's economic condition. Bigger Pie believes sound public policy grounded in fiscal responsibility is a cornerstone to successful communities.

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Broadband COVID-19 Grant Program Fund

Broadband COVID-19 Grant Program Fund

by BPF Published July 31, 2020 Fifteen non-profit power associations, two rural water associations and two existing broadband providers will receive more than $66 million from a $75 million emergency broadband grant program using COVID-19 relief funds.

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Legislative Session 2018


Civil Asset Forfeiture

Further Reform Needed on Civil Asset Forfeiture

Progress has been made in the Mississippi Legislature to overturn this unconstitutional encroachment on private property rights, but only first steps in reform — more needs to be addressed. Property owners should be charged with a crime in order for law enforcement agencies to seize their property and a conviction should result in forfeiture.

Mississippi's GOP Record

Mississippi GOP’s Record

Republicans have enjoyed big majorities in both houses of the Mississippi Legislature since 2012. The recently-released American Conservative Union scorecard showed that many Mississippi legislators are not as conservative as they’d like their constituents to believe. The GOP’s record in the Mississippi Legislature over the past six years is mixed at best.

PERS Annual Report

PERS of Mississippi 2018 Annual Financial Report

Mississippi’s pension system for state, county and municipal employees is slowly gaining fiscal ground, but it’s not fast enough to keep up with the coming demographic landslide of retirements.

MS Legislative Session 2019

Mississippi Legislative Session 2019

The 2019 session for the Mississippi Legislature begins today.  Despite an upcoming election season that promises to curb any major overhauls, there can still be room for pro-economic freedom reforms that will move the state forward.



When people normally think of a COLA, they think of a refreshing, bubbly and sweet beverage that goes great with a hamburger and fries. But in the world of public pensions, COLA is only sweet for the retiree.  The overly generous and unsustainable COLA (cost of living adjustment) is one of the key factors on why the Public Employees’ Retirement System or PERS continues to struggle financially.

Jackson CVB

Taxpayer Funded Jackson CVB Lacks Accountability

Taxpayers deserve to know that their tax dollars are being spent correctly and in the manner they were intended.  Performance measures need to be in place to ensure that tax dollars spent promoting local tourism give taxpayers the biggest bang for their buck.