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The work of Bigger Pie Forum strongly believes an open and free market will create more prosperity for more citizens than a heavily regulated market place. BPF aims to advance free enterprise, fiscal discipline, economic growth, and the rule of law.

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BPF Book Review of How Innovation Works

BPF Book Review | "How Innovation Works and Why It Flourishes in Freedom"

by Ashby Foote Published January 21, 2021 Ridley's latest book tackles the complex subject of innovation with a treasure trove of stories and anecdotes from the past 500 years of real life inventors and innovators that moved history forward by improving productivity and with it, our quality of life. How Innovation Works is a great book for entrepreneurs, investors and those tasked with economic development.

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Shelly Luther

Rosa Parks and a Texas Mom

In 1953, Rosa Parks refused to go to the back of the bus in Birmingham.  She was a seamstress and a civil rights activist.  She was arrested for civil disobedience for violating Alabama’s segregated bus laws – which were subsequently held unconstitutional under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

Travel Industry Takedown

The Great Travel Industry Takedown

The Coronavirus has clobbered the world economy but for the travel and hospitality industries, it has become an existential crisis.  The consequences are lingering far too long with no end in sight.  Two good examples to examine are the airlines and airports.  The data is really ugly but it is right there on the TSA website for all to see — the daily number of passengers screened by the Transportation Security Administration.

BPF Book Review of Great Society

BPF Book Review — “Great Society: A New History”

I highly recommend “Great Society” (the book not the policies).  It is a great tutorial on how a large group of really bright people with good intentions can make a bad situation even worse with poorly conceived and uncoordinated solutions.  

Amtrak Passenger Rail

Amtrak on the Gulf Coast

Mississippi could soon be getting a passenger rail route between New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama, with most of the stops in the Magnolia State. The downside is taxpayers, at both the state and federal levels, will heavily subsidize the Amtrak route.

Federal Aid Dependency

Federal Aid Dependency

Mississippi has been called the “moocher state” because it takes in more federal aid than it sends back to Washington, D.C. in taxes. The non-partisan Tax Foundation ranked Mississippi as the state most dependent on federal funds as a percentage of its revenues, with Louisiana second.

Red Flags Book Review

BPF Book Review | Red Flags: Why Xi’s China Is in Jeopardy

It’s been 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the demise of the Soviet Union.  Americans who witnessed those momentous events assumed communism had finally been consigned to the dustbin of history.  Not so fast, fast forward to 2019 and it’s déjà vu.  

America once again confronts communism, albeit a different strain with a quasi-capitalistic twist.  Now it is China.