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Bigger Pie Forum believes the Federal Government has over extended its regulatory reach across the American economy resulting in underperformance. BPF highlights and seeks answers to the lacking dynamism necessary to produce the prosperity Mississippians need and deserve.

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Some Other Close Elections

Some Other Close Elections

by Kelley Williams Published November 9, 2020 It’s hard to believe, but this election may not be the ugliest.  And may not be the most transformative.

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Legislative Session 2021


Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley

Public Service Commissioner Presley Requests Federal Investigation of AT&T

Commissioner Presley wants an investigation into whether AT&T is spending properly $283.78 million in federal funds designed to help improve broadband access in Mississippi.

Flooding and Property Rights

Supreme Court Case on Flooding and Property Rights

Plaintiffs in a decade-old lawsuit over Hurricane Katrina surge flooding in New Orleans are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to have another look after a federal appeals court ruled against them.  The St. Bernard Parish v. United States case has implications that go far beyond the surge flooding.

Opportunity Zone Program

Mississippi Could Benefit from the Trump Administration’s Opportunity Zone Program

The Trump Administration’s tax plan has a feature known as the Opportunity Zone program which allows investors to receive a tax break on capital in impoverished areas.

U.S. Supreme Court Civil Asset Forfeiture Case

U.S. Supreme Court Civil Asset Forfeiture Case

The U.S. Supreme Court is taking up a case regarding civil asset forfeiture. The ramifications for personal property rights in the U.S. could be massive. Timbs v. Indiana could decide whether the Excessive Fines Clause of the Eighth Amendment applies to the states. The court will then have to decide how it will potentially affect civil asset forfeiture.

U.S. Debt - Entitlements and Grants

U.S. Debt – Entitlements and Grants

The Magnolia State was ranked 16th in per capita grant spending, as the federal grants awarded to Mississippi added up to $2,134 per resident.

The American Miracle

BPF Book Review of The American Miracle

If you wonder about Divine intervention, you should read this book.