Aerial view of the Kemper Project power plant

The power to corrupt

Here’s a damaging fact and an alarming heads up. The 5,888 jobs lost in Mississippi Power’s service area following the 18% rate increase are just the beginning. Bigger rate increases are coming if customers pay for Kemper’s

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Nation’s oldest integrated coal gasification plant might point to more Kemper trouble

If the experience with the nation’s oldest integrated coal gasification power plant is any guide, Mississippi Power has a steep learning curve ahead as it tries to bring its troubled Kemper Project power plant into operation. By Steve Wilson  /   March 20, 2015 / Photo Credit: The Southern Company If the experience with the […]

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a BPF View - Medicaid 101: Part II

A BPF View – Medicaid 101:  Part II

Remember from Part I, the Medicaid program is health insurance intended for those of limited means based on the federal poverty level.  As such, when applicants qualify for Medicaid and become Medicaid beneficiaries, their healthcare expenses are covered by Medicaid.  There are two ways for this to happen.  One way is fee-for-service (FFS) Medicaid and […]

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