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Bigger Pie Forum promotes health policy reforms that empower patients and consumers by encouraging competition, transparency, accountability, and innovation. Our goal is a 21st century health care marketplace that better utilizes technology and new business models to offer consumers more accessible, higher quality care at a more affordable price.

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MS Legislative Session


MS Supreme Court Medical Marijuana

MS Supreme Court To Rule on Medical Marijuana Case

The battle for Initiative 65 reached its zenith on April 14 when the state Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case from the two parties involved.

Medical Marijuana

Could Mississippi’s Medical Marijuana Program Go Up In Smoke?

The Fate of Initiative 65 — The Mississippi Supreme Court will hold oral arguments on April 13 to decide the fate of Initiative 65, which was passed by a 74 percent majority of Mississippians to put in place a medical marijuana program in the state.

Reframe Your Brain Scott Adams

BPF Book Review: Reframe Your Brain by Scott Adams

Reframing how one looks at the world and life itself can be a great way to get out of an old rut and find a new groove and Reframe Your Brain presents a systematic approach to incorporate reframing into your everyday life.

Government Monopoly

How Are Hospitals and Electric Utilities Alike?

Both are regulated monopolies. Government monopolies. Patients and customers are denied the benefits of competition. Patients have fewer choices and get government medicine. Customers get more expensive and less reliable electricity.

Bureaucrat Bot

Bots and Bureaucrats

In our real-life horror story, bureaucrats from government agencies, NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations), and non-profits act like bots in a swarm. They move to take more authority whenever they can. Panics, crises, and emergencies create opportunities to do this. They slither quietly: Administrative State bureaucrats as mindless blobs slithering in unison. Now that’s scary. 

Coincidences, Conspiracies and Occam's Razor

Coincidences, Conspiracies and Occam’s Razor

We could use more facts and less speculation today about Covid, energy, climate, other issues and related policy mistakes and crimes.  And, less government and social media censorship, manipulated data and demonization of independent thinkers who question government narratives.  And, who also expose mistakes and hidden agendas.