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What's the Matter in America's Heartland

What's the Matter in America's Heartland?

by Charles Grayson Published February 25, 2021 The remaining 25 mainly central states (red) participated in neither population nor economic growth near the national average for the past 50 years.  The GDP and population of these states collectively declined as a percentage of total U.S. figures.
Nocebos & Mass Hysteria

Nocebos and Mass Hysteria

by Kelley Williams Published February 21, 2021 A nocebo effect is the opposite of a placebo effect. A placebo makes you get well because you think you will. A nocebo makes you get sick because you think you will. Both work if you believe authority figures (doctors and experts) who say they work. The mechanism is imaginary or psychological. But the effects are real and physiological.
Broadband through Utilities

Utilities Could Be Allowed Entrance Into the Broadband Business

by BPF Published February 11, 2021 The Mississippi Legislature could be allowing the state’s two investor-owned utilities to get into the broadband business in a way that might serve both broadband customers and electricity ratepayers.
2021 Mississippi Capitol Building

Regulatory Reform is High on the Legislative Action List

by BPF Published February 8, 2021 The Mississippi legislature is nearing the halfway point of its 2021 Regular Session, which is expected to adjourn at the end of March. There are some bad bills that might be acted on this week, but overall, the session has produced fairly positive results. The House has passed several major reforms designed to repeal or relieve unnecessary regulatory burdens on small businesses.

Mississippi's Certificate of Need Program

by BPF Published February 5, 2021 Mississippi is one of 35 states that require a Certificate of Need (CON) for healthcare providers.  They must receive approval from the state Department of Health to build a new facility, add beds or diagnostic equipment to an existing facility, or even when a capital project goes over budget.
MJI and Butch Slaughter Episode 2

BPF Podcasts

Episode 2: MJI Director Aaron Rice and Butch Slaughter — A Huge Roadblock in Trying To Start a Small Business in the Healthcare Industry

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Legislative Session

Legislative Session

Analysis of the latest Mississippi legislative session

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MS River Flooding

Mississippi River Flooding

Time to change the flood control plan – before it’s too late.

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Consumer Advocate

Energy Consumer Advocate

A voice for Mississippi customers must be represented

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Kemper County Lignite Plant

The Kemper Plant

The Kemper clean lignite project is a cancer in Mississippi’s economy.

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Recent Commentary

BPF Book Review | “How Innovation Works and Why It Flourishes in Freedom”

Ridley’s latest book tackles the complex subject of innovation with a treasure trove of stories and anecdotes from the past 500 years of real life inventors and innovators that moved history forward by improving productivity and with it, our quality of life. How Innovation Works is a great book for entrepreneurs, investors and those tasked with economic development.


Entergy’s Grand Gulf Is Causing Higher Electricity Bills for Its Customers

Entergy Mississippi customers are paying for power neither received nor even generated.


PERS — Retirees vs. Workers?

The time for can-kicking is past when it comes to fixing Mississippi’s defined benefit pension system. The Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi could soon ask taxpayers to increase their contribution to the pensions of state and local employees for the second time in two years. 


The Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi Has Taken a Hard Hit

Mississippi’s defined benefit pension fund was hit hard by the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi released its annual comprehensive annual financial report on December 15, 2020 for fiscal 2020, which ended June 30 and the plan continues to take on water.


The Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Warehouse and Distribution System

The recent issues with the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) warehouse and distribution system are just another example of why the government is a poor substitute for the private sector.


Doctor or Politician?

A recent analysis of CDC data by Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Genevieve Briand shows that increased deaths “involving” COVID-19 are offset by decreased deaths due to other causes.  She finds that total deaths from all causes have not increased due to the virus.


Mississippi River Flooding Charts


Charts indicating the frequency for flooding in pre- and post-1973 at various points along the Mississippi River.