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Kemper County Lignite Plant

The Kemper Plant

The Kemper clean lignite project is a cancer in Mississippi’s economy.

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Report by the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems

For the 2017 fiscal year, employer and member contributions were $1.6 billion, a decrease of $4.7 million. The decrease is attributed to a decline in active members. For the 2017 fiscal year, benefit payments amounted to $2.5 billion, an increase of $110.2 million (4.7 percent) over the 2016 fiscal year. The increase in benefit payments was due to an increase in the number of benefit recipients.
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Mississippi’s Failing Schools

Nearly one quarter of Mississippi students attending public school do so at schools rated as failing by the Mississippi Department of Education. Out of 477,633 students in public school, 117,368 of them are at a school that received a D or an F from the MDE's annual accountability scores.
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Mississippi Tourism Rebate Program on the Gulf Coast

The Mississippi Tourism Rebate program is designed to help developers build attractions appealing to tourists by rebating some of the sales tax for 15 years to help cover approved costs like construction. The thought is the tourists will spend money nearby and help defray some of the lost revenue for both the state's general fund and local governments.  It is a spend money to make money ploy that politicians too often fall prey to.
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Mississippi Could Benefit from the Trump Administration’s Opportunity Zone Program

The Trump Administration's tax plan has a feature known as the Opportunity Zone program which allows investors to receive a tax break on capital in impoverished areas.
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Mississippi’s Financial Standing

The ninth annual report, called the Financial State of the States, uses data from each state's comprehensive annual financial report to determine the financial standing of each.  Mississippi was rated as a "sinkhole" state, which means its $5.7 billion in assets are not enough to cover its $14 billion in liabilities.
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MS PERS – Deep in the Red

The Public Employees' Retirement System of Mississippi, better known as PERS, is the state's ailing defined benefit pension program. Right now, the fund has a $16.6 billion unfunded liability, meaning the contributions of state and municipal employees and income from the plan's investments aren't enough to cover present and future benefits for retirees. 
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Mississippi River Flooding Charts


Charts indicating the frequency for flooding in pre- and post-1973 at various points along the Mississippi River.