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PSC Tilts the Scales Toward the Consumer

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Changing Mississippi's Regulation of Utilities

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Kemper County Lignite Plant

The Kemper Plant

The Kemper clean lignite project is a cancer in Mississippi’s economy.

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What Will the Legislature Do with the Additional Revenue from Online Use Taxes?

The big question is what will the Legislature do with the additional revenue from online use taxes? There are calls to apply it to infrastructure such as roads and bridges. Right now, the use tax revenues mostly go to the general fund. What about municipalities?
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MS Bureau of Narcotics Unveils Civil Asset Forfeiture Database

Mississippi took a small step toward transparency this week as the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics unveiled its new online civil asset forfeiture database.
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JROTC and STEM – Turbo Charging Mississippi’s Public Schools

Are there expansion opportunities for JROTC in Mississippi?  Yes indeed, and they need to be pursued.  JROTC works.  It works because it brings the right capabilities and a tough love commitment to critical tasks that are vital to the long-term future of education in Mississippi.
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Year of the Mississippi Craft Distillers

In recent years, the Legislature has helped the craft brewing industry, authorizing the sale of high gravity beers (those with higher alcohol content) and allowing sales of beer to those who visit breweries. This year, it was the turn of the craft distillers and the Legislature's ability to pass legislation to help small business owners seeking to make their living in distilling and brewing should be saluted.
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Bureaucrats All the Way Down

Bureaucrats default to the 1928 Mississippi River and Tributaries Project flood control plan even though it causes record floods. They ignore the bottlenecks, declare 900,000 acres flooded inside the levees a non-event, default to dredging and raising levees — and hope no Black Swan (a rare event with extreme consequences) happens on their watch.
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BPF Intervenor Filing on Integrated Resource Planning Rule 2018-AD-64

Bigger Pie Forum was approved Friday to participate in a docket with the Mississippi Public Service Commission that will decide how the commission reviews the future generation needs and capacity of the state's two investor-owned utilities, Mississippi Power and Entergy.
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Mississippi River Flooding Charts


Charts indicating the frequency for flooding in pre- and post-1973 at various points along the Mississippi River.