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BPF researches and shares educational information encouraging Mississippi’s Economic Freedom while discouraging Crony Capitalism to increase Mississippi’s Economic Growth. BPF focuses on Education, Energy, Environment, Health Care, Federal Government & Agencies, Mississippi State Government & Agencies and Regulatory Abuses & Reforms.

MS River Flooding

Mississippi River Flooding

Time to change the flood control plan – before it’s too late.

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Aaron Rice of MJI

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Eyebrow Threading in Mississippi – Regulatory Burdens by the MS State Board of Cosmetology

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Kemper County Lignite Plant

The Kemper Plant

The Kemper clean lignite project is a cancer in Mississippi’s economy.

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Recent Commentary

State Regulations Pose Formidable Barriers to Entry in the Pest Control Industry

Mississippi has a semi-tropical climate that provides a long growing season that’s friendly to both humans and the pests that bug them.  It should be fertile ground for people in the business of pest control, but the state’s regulations pose formidable barriers to entry such as an excessive education requirement for pest control applicators.


2019 Mississippi River Flood: One for the Records

If there were a Hall of Infamy for Mississippi River Floods, 2019 would certainly be the in the top 1 or 2 of the past century.  Thankfully, most of the levee system held so 2019 was perhaps not as dramatic as 1927 but damage was widespread and extensive.  Higher water for longer equals higher odds of greater damage and loss in the future.


The Mississippi Lottery

When Mississippi finally enacted a lottery in August 2018, the reason that lawmakers went along with the controversial proposal was to generate revenue to help deal with the state’s infrastructure.


Government Transparency? Be Prepared To Fight for FOIA Records

Transparency is the hallmark of a government that is for the people and by the people. The best way for citizens (not just media) to take a look beneath the hood to see the inner workings of government is the Freedom of Information Act request under the Mississippi Public Records Act — but keeping a check on government requires vigilance.


If the Mississippi River Won’t Drain, Pull the Drain Plug

Since 2016, Bigger Pie (BPF) has warned repeatedly that water reaches the Lower Mississippi River (MSR) faster than it can get out to the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). Isn’t it time to either remove the plugs in the Lower MSR or to open the other drain —Old River Control Structure?


“Workforce Development”

During this campaign, candidates on both sides of the aisle will talk about how they can help create jobs and how they can help develop the state’s workforce. Too often this is code for large-scale economic incentives to big businesses in order to lure them to relocate or expand in Mississippi. The pitfall to these incentives is that it creates a race to the bottom among states and municipalities as policymakers compete to offer the most lucrative incentive package.


Mississippi River Flooding Charts


Charts indicating the frequency for flooding in pre- and post-1973 at various points along the Mississippi River.

Tuesday October 22nd, 2019

Bigger Pie Forum

BPF's new podcast series is with Aaron Rice of The Mississippi Justice Institute and Dipa Bhattarai, an eyebrow threading entrepreneur.

The Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology has shut down Ms. Bhattarai's two store locations stating that eyebrow threaders are required to have an esthetician's license to practice eyebrow threading in the state of Mississippi.

This would require Ms. Bhattarai to spend hundreds of hours learning cosmetology methods that threaders do not use or need.

Listen in to hear Ms. Bhattarai's case through The Mississippi Justice Institute.
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