• Tax Dollars Down the Drain

    Government’s purpose is to provide essential services to the citizens it serves, such as roads, police and fire protection. When government gambles with taxpayer funds outside of its purview, it isn’t policymakers and the officials of the companies who suffer for their failures. It’s always the taxpayer left paying the bill.

A BPF View - Occupational Licensing Boards

The interests of both consumers and future business owners could be served even better if most occupational licensing boards were phased out. Consumers would receive more choices in the marketplace, while burdensome regulations would free citizens to start more businesses.

Local and Private Bills - "Tourism" Taxes

Re-authorized tourism taxes need a mandate from the citizens paying the tax and the legislature shouldn't be in the business of retroactively allowing cities and counties to collect expired taxes. Anything less is not in keeping with the values of an elected republic.

Taxpayer Contributions To Charities

The state auditor needs to be given the statutory authority to investigate any non-profit organization receiving taxpayer funds. The taxpayer funds given to non-profits and all associated documentation should be subject to open records laws.