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The rule of law is increasingly being eroded by those trying to achieve policy objectives outside the normal bounds of legislative action. BPF accesses civil litigation, overcriminalization and corporate governance to understand these trends and formulate policy solutions.

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Legislative Session 2018


Even More Insanity – MS Public Service Commission and MS Legislature

Albert Einstein ~ Insanity is doing the same thing over and over.  And expecting different outcomes.  This quote applies to the Mississippi Public Service Commission and the Mississippi Legislature.  They haven’t changed in response to the Kemper lignite plant fiasco.

Mississippi Public Service Commission

A BPF View: How Do We Remove Corruption from Regulators?

Has the propensity for corruption among regulators waned in the past 28 years?

A Bigger Pie View: The DOR and Online Sellers’ Use Tax – Overreaching

A Bigger Pie View: The DOR and Online Sellers’ Use Tax – Overreaching

Will the DOR draw a legal challenge for their Consumer Use Tax?

Ajit Pai

Net Neutrality Roll Back

The net neutrality rules, while they sound good on the surface and make good talking points for politicians, are a classic case of government regulation where none is needed.

Department of Revenue - State of Mississippi

A Bigger Pie View – The Department of Revenue Goes Rogue

The DOR is out of control with its rule-making and needs to be restrained by the Governor.

Jackson, Mississippi’s regulations on taxis

High prices hurting Jackson taxi companies in competition with Uber

Jackson attorney Bob Waller, who owns Veterans Cab, told the Jackson City Council’s planning committee on Oct. 6 that the arrival of Uber in the city had reduced his business in half.