Jackson, Miss: State Capitol


At Bigger Pie Forum (BPF) we research and talk about ideas that encourage economic freedom, discourage cronyism, and help Mississippi’s economy grow. We want to bake a bigger economic pie that gives everyone a chance to get a larger slice.

Over the last decade our state government’s been growing faster than our private sector economy. It’s giving taxpayer dollars to politically-connected businesses, often with pie in the sky chances of success, while also increasing regulations that discourage the small businesses and entrepreneurs who create jobs.

We believe entrepreneurs and private citizens investing their own money are the key to a growing economy. They thrive in and are attracted to states where they are not paying for and competing with government investments in special interests, but rather are encouraged and welcomed.  It’s time we make Mississippi a state our entrepreneurs want to stay in.

We hope Bigger Pie Forum will stimulate constructive debates about ideas and policies that encourage and welcome private sector growth that benefits all Mississippians.

Our Board and Management

Bigger Pie Forum is a nonprofit, non-partisan, educational organization which is governed by a board of directors.

Board of Directors

Kelley Williams (Chairman), former CEO at First Mississippi/Chemfirst

Ashby Foote (President), President and Chief Investment Officer at Vector Money Management

Bruce Deer, President and CEO at Neopolis Technology

Charles Grayson, Ph.D., is a consultant for technology-based mergers, acquisitions and business development.