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Legislative Session 2021


PERS Rate of Return Lowered

PERS Board Votes To Lower Expected Rate of Return

The board of trustees for the state’s Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) made an important, if unheralded, move recently when it voted unanimously to use a somewhat more realistic projection of its rate of return on investments. This matters because an overly optimistic projection can mask a coming decrease in the solvency of the fund, which is already severely under-capitalized.

Workforce Development Fraud

More Fraud of Taxpayer Dollars — More Accountability Safeguards a Must

Better accountability safeguards need to be part of any discussion of spending, be it on workforce development or luring a new company to the state.  Taxpayers need to be able to trace every penny and find out if their money is being spent wisely.

Fraud, Waste and Abuse

State Agency and Program Provider Waste, Fraud and Abuse — More Change Is Needed

In the endless debate over the amount of government assistance given to the poor, one factor that is not frequently discussed is the waste, fraud and other abuse that is perpetrated by providers of these programs – and sometimes by the agencies that fund them.

Stopping Our Revolving Prison Door

Stopping Our Revolving Prison Door

In an unusual move, four legislative committees, two in the House and two in the Senate, are jointly holding a series of hearings to explore ways to reduce recidivism, which is the return to prison by former inmates due to their committing another crime or violating the terms of their release.

Eliminating MS Personal Income Tax

Eliminating Mississippi’s Personal Income Tax

The Mississippi Legislature is pondering eliminating the state’s personal income tax to help supercharge Mississippi’s economy.  The theory is that such a move would entice businesses to move to Mississippi or to stay here.

Revolving Door

The Strange Case of Two State Agencies’ Revolving Door Policies

It is common for states to prohibit government employees from leaving a regulating agency to go to work for a company their agency regulated.  Such “revolving door” restrictions are intended to prevent the temptation for the employee to treat a company favorably in order to gain a position with that company later.