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BPF strives to inform citizens and elected officials on its views regarding public policies that benefit or cause hard to Mississippi's economic condition. Bigger Pie believes sound public policy grounded in fiscal responsibility is a cornerstone to successful communities.

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Governor Tate Reeves

Gov. Reeves Scorecard Ranking Among Nation's Governors

by BPF Published November 6, 2020 Gov. Tate Reeves received a mediocre grade in an American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) scorecard ranking the nation’s governors on economic policy performance and results during and before the COVID-19 pandemic despite being in office less than a year.

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Legislative Session 2020


Mississippi Flag

The Process for Changing the State Flag

On Sunday, June 28, 2020, the Mississippi Legislature passed a historic bill to retire the current state flag and to establish a process for creating a new one. There has been some confusion about the process of changing the state flag of Mississippi. Here is what that bill calls for.

Less Regulations and More Freedoms

Less Regulations and More Freedoms

The Occupational Licensing Review Commission could soon perform reviews of existing regulations now that a bill is headed to the governor’s desk for signature.

CARES Act Money

One-Time CARES Act Money for Recurring Expenses

For years, Republican leaders in Mississippi have decried, and rightly so, the use of “one-time money“ to pay recurring expenses in the state budget. Then-candidate Haley Barbour complained about Gov. Ronnie Musgrove and the Democrat-lead Legislature’s use of funds from lawsuit settlements or other single-instance receipts to pay for ongoing expenses of state government, rather than cut the budget to match recurring revenue.

PERS Management Fees

PERS Management Fees Could Be Capped With Senate Bill 2115

A much-needed bill in the Mississippi Legislature could reduce the amount that the state’s defined benefit pension system pays to outside money managers.

MS Legislative Session 2020

Mississippi’s Legislative Session 2020

Mississippi’s legislative session began Tuesday, January 7th. With the “conservative party” dominance from top to bottom, 2020 is a great opportunity to enact pro-growth policies that would accelerate Mississippi’s economic growth.

PERS Reform

Time for Reform of Mississippi’s Defined Benefit Pension System

A cost of living adjustment should be related to the real world inflation rate.  Mississippi PERS’ COLA at 3 percent is not.  In 2005, the plan’s COLA payout to retirees was $211 million or about 18.9 percent of total benefits paid out.  This year, it grew to almost $700 million, an increase of 7.6 percent from 2018 ($650 million).  The COLA payouts are now 25.4 percent of all benefits paid to retirees.