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BPF consistently aims at encouraging Mississippi's State Government to perform their vital, core responsibilities. BPF is focused on ways to ensure the state government provides these responsibilities in an effective and cost efficient manner in our cities, where new economic ideas are born.

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Two Data Centers for Mississippi

There are over 10,000 data centers in the United States. But no big ones in Mississippi. That’s about to change – thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and a package of goodies from the Governor and the MS Legislature. AWS will build two hyperscale data centers here. The first one will be in Madison County. AWS will invest $10 billion.

The Cloud Revolution

BPF Book Review | “The Cloud Revolution” by Mark Mills

Updated 1.29.24

“The Cloud Revolution Comes To Mississippi”

Fat Tuesday came early this year to Madison County with plenty of hollering, shouting and King Cake from the State Capitol to the Courthouse Square in Canton. Amazon Web Services (AWS) along State elected officials announced not one but two hyper-scale data centers with a total investment of $10 billion.

BPF Rotary Speech from Ashby Foote

The Rotary Club of North Jackson — Ashby Foote of Bigger Pie Forum

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Chip War

BPF Book Review of “Chip War” by Chris Miller

In “Chip War – The Fight for the World’s Most Critical Technology,” author Chris Miller masterfully recounts the epic journey of the transistor from rudimentary invention in the early 50s to today’s system-on-a-chip with billions of transistors that are, as the book’s subtitle suggests “the world’s most critical technology.” “Chip War” is a technology history book that also provides keen insight into the rising economic confrontation between America and China.

Book Review of Fossil Future

BPF Book Review of Alex Epstein’s “Fossil Future”

Fossil Future is chock full of data, charts and anecdotes telling in great detail the roles fossil fuels played in creating today’s cornucopia of abundance. Especially compelling are the “hockey-stick” charts that reveal the close correlation between the development of hydrocarbons and the dramatic rise of world GDP, world population, world life expectancy and human flourishing.

Mississippi's Golden Triangle

Where the Smart Money Goes

Capital goes where it’s welcome and stays where it’s appreciated. The CEO of Steel Dynamics said: “We are eager to expand our presence in Columbus, and we appreciate the warm welcome and support that we have received from Governor Tate Reeves and Mississippi.”