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BPF consistently aims at encouraging Mississippi's State Government to perform their vital, core responsibilities. BPF is focused on ways to ensure the state government provides these responsibilities in an effective and cost efficient manner in our cities, where new economic ideas are born.

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What's the Matter in America's Heartland

What’s the Matter in America’s Heartland?

The remaining 25 mainly central states (red) participated in neither population nor economic growth near the national average for the past 50 years.  The GDP and population of these states collectively declined as a percentage of total U.S. figures.

U.S. Regions Measured by Population and GDP

U.S. Regions Measured by Population and GDP

When measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP or economic activity), growth of GDP or population, the U.S. easily separates into five regional groups.

Crime Scene Jackson MS

Jackson a Microcosm of a National Trend of Increasing Crime in Cities

The explosion in the number of murders in Jackson is only one of the major problems facing the city, but it represents a high-profile reason for people to avoid living and working in the Capitol City.

George Gilder Gaming AI

BPF Book Review “Gaming AI: Why AI Can’t Think But Can Transform Jobs”

Ask a tech titan what the next “Big Thing” is and odds are he or she will proclaim it is AI – short for Artificial Intelligence.


City of Jackson Proposes Public Safety Spending Cut of $9 Million for 2021

The proposed budget for the city for 2021 would reduce public safety spending by $9 million as compared to fiscal 2020.  Doing so would be dangerous for Jacksonians.

Crime in Jackson

Capital City Crime and Population Flight

Defunding the police will not help Jackson’s crime problem but ensure that it increases and forces even more residents who seek personal safety to leave the city.  Businesses will also leave to follow their customers.