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BPF consistently aims at encouraging Mississippi's State Government to perform their vital, core responsibilities. BPF is focused on ways to ensure the state government provides these responsibilities in an effective and cost efficient manner in our cities, where new economic ideas are born.

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45 Days that Rocked Our World

45 Days That Rocked Our World

In only 45 days America has gone from the premier model for capitalism to the best museum for capitalism.  The exhibits are everywhere for everyone to see — vacant malls, empty restaurants and bars, shuttered plants, closed campuses and schools, barely used airports, empty canyons of avenues and skyscrapers in cosmopolitan cities.

Mississippi's Declining Population

Mississippi’s Population Decline Continues

Mississippi suffered its fourth population decline over the past five years in 2019. In the face of Mississippi’s continuing population decline, what can we do to break the cycle?

Workforce Development

“Workforce Development”

During this campaign, candidates on both sides of the aisle will talk about how they can help create jobs and how they can help develop the state’s workforce. Too often this is code for large-scale economic incentives to big businesses in order to lure them to relocate or expand in Mississippi. The pitfall to these incentives is that it creates a race to the bottom among states and municipalities as policymakers compete to offer the most lucrative incentive package.

Walmart vs Amazon

Food Fight: Amazon vs Walmart

Coming soon to a marketplace near you – two of America’s biggest and most famous companies face off in a food fight to end all food fights.  At stake is nothing less than the $800 billion Americans spend every year on groceries.  On one side is an old disruptor that is now the King Kong of groceries, Walmart.  On the other side is a new disruptor and the Godzilla of e-commerce, Amazon.  Both companies are Jedi-Masters of logistics and bring unique advantages to what will be an epic confrontation.


City and County Economic Development – Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

City and county governments are always trying to grow their sources of tax revenue to sustain their operations and one way they can do that is to encourage economic development with several tools. One of those tools is called tax increment financing or TIF.

Legalizing Sports Betting

Legalizing Sports Betting

Mississippi could be a national trendsetter thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court decision that allows states to legalize sports betting.