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Belhaven Town Center

Video Clip Episode 1

Belhaven Town Center Development Series 

September 12, 2023

BPF sits down with successful entrepreneur developers of the Belhaven Town Center, David Turner and Ruffin Lowry — the area that houses extremely popular businesses like Pulito Osteria, Elvie's and Fertile Ground Beer Co. Listen in to the unfolding of the Belhaven Town Center that has energized both the Belhaven neighborhood and business area.


Plum Creek Environmental

Video Clip Episode 1

Growth in the Golden Triangle Series - Plum Creek Environmental 

August 8, 2023

In this first part of our series on economic growth in the golden triangle, we focus on Plum Creek Environmental. In this episode, James Wamble III shares about their exclusive growth partnership with other Mississippi companies and organizations and what it’s like to run an Inc 5000 company in rural Mississippi. You won't want to miss this episode.


Kristen Ley - Young Entrepreneur Series Ep 1

Video Clip of Episode 1

BPF Young Entrepreneur Series - Episode 1 Kristen Ley

January 13, 2023

BPF has an insightful conversation with Mississippi’s own, Kristen Ley, founder and owner of Thimblepress - a nationally recognized, creative and innovative line of greeting cards and gifts that spring from her faith-based mission.  Listen in to Kristen’s journey with her achievements and challenges that provide some insight for those desiring to pursue their own start up.


Kristen Ley Episode 2

Video Clip of Episode 2

BPF Young Entrepreneur Series - Episode 2 Kristen Ley

January 24, 2023

Listen in as Kristen discusses knowing who your customers are and getting back to the basics of customer service.  With the growth of internet shopping, being intentional with your consumers' experience is paramount to beat out the competition.


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