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Michael Crichton wrote Prey in 2002 and the better-known Jurassic Park in 1990. Both are fictional horror stories about science run amok. We’ve had three years of real horror from science run amok. Politicized science. In Jurassic Park, fictitious scientists brought prehistoric dinosaurs to life using ancient DNA fragments. The vicious raptors scared movie audiences. In our horror story, government-funded scientists created a novel virus using RNA fragments from live bats in remote Chinese caves. Its unnatural threat was hyped to create panic, empower authorities to ignore civil liberties, and impose mandates that made its adverse effects worse. And to generate huge profits for drug companies and their enablers.

In Prey, scientist created microscopic flying bots (robots). They weren’t alive. But their programed swarms acted like they were. In our real-life horror story, bureaucrats from government agencies, NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations), and non-profits act like bots in a swarm. Like minnows in a school flitting about. There are no chief conspirators that direct their moves. They just naturally move to take more authority whenever they can. Panics, crises, and emergencies create opportunities to do this. They don’t flit though. They slither quietly: Administrative State bureaucrats as mindless blobs slithering in unison. Now that’s scary.

What triggers their moves? In recent House hearings, two journalists testified that Twitter hyped triggers that caused blobs to move. Vaccine Hesitancy is a trigger. That’s failure to mindlessly follow the herd. It can be catching. It arises from free will. From facts and research from unapproved sources. From independent views that Covid vaccines may not be all that effective. And that they can and do have serious adverse outcomes. And from questions about the official vaccine narrative: Covid vaccines are magic potions from white-coated Gods – who are not to be questioned. Never mind free speech.

Other triggers include questioning the Science – including the efficacy of face masks and social distancing and lockdowns and other mandates. Prescribing or administering Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are also triggers. These drugs have been in use for years for conditions other than Covid and have been shown effective on Covid when used early. Such off-label drug use is common practice by doctors who are free to use their professional skills and judgement.

These drugs were widely used in Africa and other third world countries where they were cheap and readily available. Coincidence that these countries suffered less from Covid than many rich countries? The use of the drugs was specifically proscribed (forbidden) in our Brave New World.  In the meantime, patients here died or passed the point of no return waiting to get sick enough for treatment in compliance with official protocols. It’s OK if patients died on or from a ventilator in a hospital or without family in a nursing home as long as doctors and administrators followed the rules.

Misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation are also triggers. Misinformation commonly means inaccurate information due to honest mistakes. It’s spread with innocent intention to inform. Disinformation is deliberately false or misleading information. It’s spread to deceive, manipulate, and advance an agenda. It used to be called propaganda. Now it’s called the daily news. News narrative keepers selectively discern malicious intent.

Malinformation is a relatively new term. It’s truth that is spread with intent to harm. It can threaten an official narrative. When it does, it’s subject to disinformation attacks. Hunter’s laptop is a case in point. It’s truth to some and malinformation to others. It triggers fierce misinformation attacks by narrative keepers. Whatever happened to: “You shall know the truth.  And the truth shall make you free.”

Then there are just plain ole ball-faced lies. Mark Twain had a lot to say about lies and lying politicians. Among other things: “Carlyle said, ‘a lie cannot live.’ It shows that he did not know how to tell them.” There’s no shortage today of liars who do know how to tell them. And of those who don’t. Those who don’t are routinely shielded by news organizations which amplify and advance their obvious lies. That probably explains all time low public trust in news organizations. A recent Gallop-Knight study shows half of the public thinks news organizations intend to mislead, misinform or persuade. Over half the public say news organizations don’t have people’s best interest at heart.

Why are slithering blobs effective? Money and power. They control research grants that produce desired results. They don’t fund independent researchers with chips-fall-where-they-may results. They also create restrictive regulations without congressional authority.  Congress ignores, defers or can’t be bothered. Censorship is another tool. Character assignation, another. De-platforming and disaffiliating non-compliant doctors and dissenting professionals from the guilds, licensing agencies, and professional associations that credential them works too. This jeopardizes their livelihoods. And their lifestyles.

Non-compliant doctors notice what happens – or are “reminded” what will happen. Many conform. Some quietly evade to save lives. Braver (or stupider) souls openly rebel. You saw what happened to rebels in 1865. Rebels in 1776 fared better. But things looked pretty bleak then when George Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas Eve and caught German mercenaries sleeping. Where’s our Washington today?

Maybe some brave rebels will survive this internal conflict. We are a house divided by lies. Maybe there’s a better new world in our future. As Yogi said: “It ain’t over ‘till it’s over.” His Mets rallied from 9 1/2 games back to win the National League pennant in 1973. Long odds.

Things look bleak now. But hope springs. It ain’t over ‘till it’s over. Maybe we’ll wise up to blobs slithering in unison. And to NGOs like the Stanford Internet Observatory’s Virality Project with its swarm of woke students teeing up targets (e.g., natural immunity) for news organizations and social media to censor.

Maybe we’ll find our Washington. And do something.


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