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Bigger Pie Forum believes the Federal Government has over extended its regulatory reach across the American economy resulting in underperformance. BPF highlights and seeks answers to the lacking dynamism necessary to produce the prosperity Mississippians need and deserve.

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Some Other Close Elections

Some Other Close Elections

by Kelley Williams Published November 9, 2020 It’s hard to believe, but this election may not be the ugliest.  And may not be the most transformative.

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John B. Judis's The Populist Explosion - BPF Book Review by Ashby Foote

A BPF Book Review – The Populist Explosion

“The Populist Explosion” is perfectly timed to catch and explain the Katrina-sized populist wave that is now crashing down on the political establishment in the U.S. and Europe.

Ashby Foote

Mr. Trump Goes to Washington

The 2016 campaign defies traditional analysis. Viewing it through the usual Democrat versus Republican template misses some of the critical lessons. This campaign was not right versus left but rather establishment versus non-establishment with the establishment getting thrashed.

2016 Presidential Election

Some election consequences

Yes, elections have consequences. Hopefully “…more jobs, more revenues, more wealth, higher wages, and lower energy prices.”

The Overton Window

Trump, Kemper, and Mississippi Floods

What do Donald Trump, the Kemper County Lignite Plant, and Mississippi River floods have in common? The Overton Window explains all three. Yeh, sure. What’s the Overton Window?

Bursting Bubble

Pop Goes the Establishment Bubble

What we are witnessing is the bursting of a bubble – call it the ‘political establishment bubble’.