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Bigger Pie Forum promotes health policy reforms that empower patients and consumers by encouraging competition, transparency, accountability, and innovation. Our goal is a 21st century health care marketplace that better utilizes technology and new business models to offer consumers more accessible, higher quality care at a more affordable price.

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For Every Action

For Every Action

by Charles Grayson Published October 12, 2020 The Lyndon B. Johnson Administration (1963 – 1969), represented the blow-off or peak strength of the 40-year U.S. political and legislative shift to the left that had begun with the Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration (1933-1945). Whether it ends in 2021 or 2025, the Donald J. Trump Administration represents the blow-off or peak strength of the 50-year U.S.

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Legislative Session 2018


Herd Immunity vs Herd Mentality

Herd Immunity vs Herd Mentality

The last couple of months have seen several new phrases enter the popular lexicon: “social distancing,” “flattening the curve” and “shelter in place” to name a few.  (Somewhere George Orwell is spinning in his grave.) Another phrase which is not new, but is newly popular, is herd immunity.

A BPF View - Medicaid 101: Part III

A BPF View – Medicaid 101: Part III

We have the worst health statistics in the United States and also the highest level of poverty. These two factors combine to make healthcare for the individuals receiving Medicaid benefits in Mississippi very expensive.

Health Smarts

What You Think You Know: Health Smarts

Take advice from medical nannies with a heathy grain of unhealthy salt.

a BPF View - Medicaid 101: Part II

A BPF View – Medicaid 101:  Part II

Remember from Part I, the Medicaid program is health insurance intended for those of limited means based on the federal poverty level.  As such, when applicants qualify for Medicaid and become Medicaid beneficiaries, their healthcare expenses are covered by Medicaid.  There are two ways for this to happen.  One way is fee-for-service (FFS) Medicaid and the other is Medicaid managed care.

Medicaid 101: Part I

A BPF View – Medicaid 101: Part I

One of the major issues that will be addressed during the 2018 legislative session is the reauthorization of the Medicaid program in Mississippi.

Operating room - Regulating Hospital Competition

Regulating Hospital Competition

Hospital cartels are created and exist by Certificates of Need issued by state Departments of Health or some similar agency created by state legislatures. They legally limit competition.