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Bigger Pie Forum promotes health policy reforms that empower patients and consumers by encouraging competition, transparency, accountability, and innovation. Our goal is a 21st century health care marketplace that better utilizes technology and new business models to offer consumers more accessible, higher quality care at a more affordable price.

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The Real Over / Under

What’s the Real Covid-19 Over / Under?  

Too bad there’s not an over/under for Covid-19 metrics.  It would be a useful check against numbers coming from the President’s experts, the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, reporters, and others in the Chicken Little business (i.e., the bad news sells business)

Chicken Little Is Wrong Again

Chicken Little Is Wrong Again

If it bleeds, it’s the lede.  Disaster headlines sold newspapers (when people read them).  Now screaming talking heads sell panic on TV.  It’s contagious.  The precautionary principle becomes: assume the worst and follow the herd. 

Coronavirus and Telemedicine

COVID-19 and the Rise of Telemedicine

One small bright spot in the COVID-19 crisis is that some states, including Mississippi, are reducing some regulations temporarily to help with social distancing, which is designed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Certificate of Need

Mississippi’s Certificate of Need (CON) Program Needs To Go

Mississippians now live and die in a healthcare system where the state Department of Health controls the supply of hospitals, clinics, diagnostic equipment, nursing homes and even home health providers.

A BPF View - Medicaid 101: Part III

A BPF View – Medicaid 101: Part III

We have the worst health statistics in the United States and also the highest level of poverty. These two factors combine to make healthcare for the individuals receiving Medicaid benefits in Mississippi very expensive.

Health Smarts

What You Think You Know: Health Smarts

Take advice from medical nannies with a heathy grain of unhealthy salt.