BPF promotes environmental regulatory reform and actively engages the bureaucracy regulating flooding on the Mississippi River. BPF believes mitigating the flooding by using Old River Control Complex would give Mississippians back their privately owned land.

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Gold Coast Commodities - Part 2

Gold Coast Commodities - Part 2

by BPF Published November 13, 2020 A wastewater sample that originated from a Brandon-based chemical plant and dumped into the city of Jackson’s sewer system exploded in the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality’s laboratory in Pearl in 2017, according to a DEQ inspection report.

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Mississippi River Flooding

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MS River Is Backing Up

The Mississippi River Is Backing Up

You might guess flood stages would move from north to south in the Mid-to-Lower Mississippi River as the waters travel north to south to reach the Gulf of Mexico. You’d be wrong.

Dr Xu Video

MS River in Danger of Being Captured by the Atchafalaya River

Dr. Y. Jun Xu, world-renowned hydrologist of Louisiana State University, explains how South Louisiana is on the verge of one of the worlds most detrimental natural disasters in history.

The River Stands Still

The River Stands Still

Potential energy, the energy of dropping from a height, is the main driver of MSR waters to the Gulf.

Belhaven Creek

Urban Flash Flooding 2019

Flash flooding hit Belhaven’s St. Ann and St. Mary streets yesterday (5/9/2019) as over 3 inches of rain hit the metro area in less than four hours. Bigger Pie has discussed the hazards of urban flooding in the past and remedies that DEQ needs to pursue.

Natchez Flooding


On April 9, 2019, the Mississippi River at Natchez will have spent 95 days this year above the 48 feet flood stage

The Levee's Gonna Break

“The Levee’s Gonna Break”

Water now flows much faster to the Lower MS River due to changes in land use coupled with Corps of Engineers changes to the rivers. During the rainy season, water cannot get from the Lower MS River to the Gulf of Mexico as fast as it arrives from upstream. The bathtub that is the MS River from Natchez to the Gulf has been backing up since the late 1990s.