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MS Public Service Commission

Mississippi's Public Service Commission Needs Reforming, Not Expanding

by BPF Published March 10, 2020 The Mississippi Public Service Commission could have new law enforcement agents if a bill in the legislature becomes law. Does the PSC really need these policing services? In 2013, the PSC looked a $7.5 billion dollar boondoggle straight in the eyes…and blinked.  Enough is enough!

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The Kemper County Clean Lignite Plant

Consumer Advocate


Mississippi Power Kemper County IGCC Plant

Mississippi Public Broadcasting: @ISSUE – The Kemper Controversy

Kemper Controversy

The Kemper combined cycle plant

An 80 Yard Field Goal.

Surprise! Southern Company announced a $43 million cost increase for the Kemper Lignite plant its Mississippi Power sub is building.

YOU’RE HERE: A sign welcomes truckers to the Kemper Project power plant located north of Meridian in east Mississippi.

Kemper’s Budget Busting Blues

Cecil Brown understands budgets and the critical role they can play in determining an organization’s success or failure.

The New York Times - Science (Live Interview on Facebook - Kemper)

The New York Times – Science (Live Interview on Facebook – Kemper)

The New York Times, Ian Urbina is talking with Charles Grayson, energy analyst, and Brett Wingo, former engineer from Kemper plant who blew whistle on problems ranging from mismanagement to fraud.


‘The New York Times’ Investigates An Ailing Clean Coal Project – NPR Interview

The Kemper Project is an electrical generating station currently under construction in Kemper County, Miss. The plant has been held up as a model of the Obama administration’s efforts to promote new, clean energy technologies…

The Kemper County power plant in Mississippi.

The Kemper Coal Files Timeline – by New York Times

This timeline serves two purposes. It offers a deeper way to understand the history of the Kemper project through the documents behind these events.