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MS Public Service Commission

Mississippi's Public Service Commission Needs Reforming, Not Expanding

by BPF Published March 10, 2020 The Mississippi Public Service Commission could have new law enforcement agents if a bill in the legislature becomes law. Does the PSC really need these policing services? In 2013, the PSC looked a $7.5 billion dollar boondoggle straight in the eyes…and blinked.  Enough is enough!

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The Kemper County Clean Lignite Plant

Consumer Advocate


Charles Grayson Bigger Pie Forum Board Member

Kemper County power plant almost fully operational

“This will be very expensive even if it fulfills all the promises,” said Bigger Pie Forum Board Member Charles Grayson.

The Depression

Kemper: In PSC’s Court

How much should Southern Co pay for their mistakes? The PSC will answer that question. Short of proving fraud or gross misrepresentations, it could take years to resolve. That would damage economic development in MPC’s rate area.

Kemper County IGCC Plant

Kemper operations projected to cost 4 times original outlook

“Kelley Williams, chairman of the Bigger Pie Forum…said he suspects even the current estimate is a ‘low-ball number.'”

The Kemper Project Iceberg

Utility admits Kemper Project could be costlier to operate than originally estimated

When talking about the Kemper Project clean coal power plant, it’s easy to get hung up on the plant’s capital costs, now up to nearly $6.9 billion.

The Kemper combined cycle plant

Wait for the thud

Kemper flunks Economics 101. The PSC flunks Human Nature 101. Customers don’t want to pay more to make environmentalists happy – or to pay for the PSC’s and Mississippi Power’s mistakes. They shouldn’t have to.

Kemper's Dual-Fuel Duplicity?

Kemper’s Dual-Fuel Duplicity?

It’s a clever dodge designed to cover up one fact…