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Mississippi River Commission Testimony: Kelley Williams in Baton Rouge Apr 2017

I appreciate this opportunity to testify again. Last year I talked about flooding at our farm in the Natchez reach 20 miles above the Old River Control Complex. Today I’m talking about flooding in the Baton Rouge reach below Old River. I hope to show that ORCC can reduce the height, duration, and frequency of floods – and to persuade you that it should.

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Mississippi River Commission Testimony: Secretary of State, Delbert Hosemann in Natchez August 2016

Mississippi River Commission Public Meeting on the Motor Vessel Mississippi Secretary Hosemann testified before the Mississippi River Commission of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to inform the public of the artificial flooding of the Mississippi River which is causing significant damage to 16th Section Public School Trust Lands and private lands. See Secretary Hosemann’s…

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Mississippi River Commission Testimony: Jerry Riddle in Natchez August 2016 Testimony of Jerry Riddle For this entire past year, not one day have I been able to drive home on the road, because it’s been under water, because you refuse to open the Morganza Spillway.  Why?  Why would you do it? Is it because you have the big crawfish pond built on the other…

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Mississippi River Commission Testimony: Conner House in Natchez August 2016

MISSISSIPPI RIVER COMMISSION 8/17/16 INTRO CONNER HOUSE FORESTRY/LOGGING/LANDOWNER Over the past century the USACE has been tasked with modifying and manipulating the Mississippi River and its tributaries to minimize the impact of flooding and to navigation and commerce in the River. As in any environment, every action has a reaction. CLICK HERE TO READ the…

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Mississippi River Commission Testimony: Lee Jones in Natchez August 2016

Proposed five minute talk to the Public Meeting held by the Mississippi River Commission in Natchez, Mississippi on board the Motor Vessel Mississippi at 2:00 p.m. 17 August, 2016. My name is Lee Jones.  Our sawmill, J. M. Jones Lumber Company, Inc., is located on the bank of the Mississippi River just below the Natchez-Vidalia…

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Mississippi River Commission Testimony: Troy Orso in Natchez August 2016

Presentation to the Mississippi River Commission August 13, 2016 Damages from increased flooding on the MS River Summary Over the course of time, the Corp has done a great job in reducing the impact of overall flooding along the Mississippi River.  Some have seen great benefit, but there are those of us experiencing a detrimental…

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