BPF promotes environmental regulatory reform and actively engages the bureaucracy regulating flooding on the Mississippi River. BPF believes mitigating the flooding by using Old River Control Complex would give Mississippians back their privately owned land.

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Lessons from Hurricane Harvey on Flooding

Lessons from Hurricane Harvey on Flooding

Storms are random natural events.  The consequences may be aggravated or mitigated by intentional acts of man.

The Economic Damage of Drainage - From Belhaven Creek to the Mississippi River

A Bigger Pie View: The Economic Damage of Drainage

Drainage is one of those issues that goes unnoticed until it is the only thing that matters.  Mississippi faces drainage concerns on a large scale with the Mississippi River flooding and locally in the Belhaven neighborhood of Jackson.


Mississippi River Commission: Kelley Williams in Vicksburg August 2017

I appreciate your invitation to testify again. I will testify about backwater flooding at Vicksburg.  It’s bad and getting worse — as others will attest.

11. Wm. Earl Elam 1946-1951

The Chief Engineer’s Legacy

Elam, of course, didn’t know the Corps would restrict the flow.  But he could have predicted the result.  The river would back up, rise, flood the batture, and cause backwater floods on the Yazoo and other tributaries.

Old River Control Structure Complex - The Corps of Engineers vs. Mother Nature

The Corps vs Mother Nature 

We just want the Corps to do its job and speed the floods — all the way to the Gulf.

Morganza Spillway

The Morganza Spillway and the Maginot Line

The Morganza Spillway is supposed to keep the Mississippi River out of Baton Rouge. The US Army Corps of Engineers built it after the epic flood of 1927. It is part of the Mississippi River and Tributaries Project (MR&TP) that’s supposed to protect against another epic flood. But the MR&TP hasn’t been tested by an epic flood. It could be a Maginot Line.