BPF promotes environmental regulatory reform and actively engages the bureaucracy regulating flooding on the Mississippi River. BPF believes mitigating the flooding by using Old River Control Complex would give Mississippians back their privately owned land.

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Mississippi River Commission Testimony: Troy Orso in Natchez August 2016

Presentation to the Mississippi River Commission August 13, 2016 Damages from increased flooding on the MS River Summary Over the course of time, the Corp has done a great job in reducing the impact of overall flooding along the Mississippi River.  Some have seen great benefit, but there are those of us experiencing a detrimental…

A Flood Canary

A Flood Canary

The Mississippi River Commission held a public hearing in Natchez last Wednesday aboard the Motor Vessel MISSISSIPPI. It got an earful.

Deer in Water - Mississippi Flooding

Mississippi flooding

What if Mississippi’s politicians got fired up and got back in the flood trading game? And worked a deal to speed the floods to the sea – all the way to the sea?

Mississippi's Batture Still Flooded

If levees stop floods, why is Mississippi’s batture still flooded?

“It’s still flooding in Mississippi – more frequent, longer, higher floods”. Is this the new normal?


Mississippi River Commission Testimony: Kelley Williams in Lake Providence Apr 2016

I think floods are acts of God and politicians. God sends the rain. Politicians decide who gets flooded.

Mississippi River Whack-A-Mole

Mississippi River Whack-a-Mole

Whack-a-mole… a metaphor for Mississippi River floods and efforts by the Levee Board and the Corps of Engineers to whack the levee breaches, sand boils, back water floods, and so on that keep popping up.