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The Kemper County Clean Lignite Plant

Consumer Advocate


The Kemper Clean County Project delayed again.

A Bigger Pie View: Federal government needs to dry up clean coal grants

While energy research is important, there are some experiments that the federal government needs to stop funding.

The New York Times - Science (Live Interview on Facebook - Kemper)

The New York Times – Science (Live Interview on Facebook – Kemper)

The New York Times, Ian Urbina is talking with Charles Grayson, energy analyst, and Brett Wingo, former engineer from Kemper plant who blew whistle on problems ranging from mismanagement to fraud.


‘The New York Times’ Investigates An Ailing Clean Coal Project – NPR Interview

The Kemper Project is an electrical generating station currently under construction in Kemper County, Miss. The plant has been held up as a model of the Obama administration’s efforts to promote new, clean energy technologies…

Supplemental Testimony

BPF Motion for Leave To File Supplemental Testimony of Erik Randolph

BPF’s Supplemental Testimony by Mr. Erik Randolph was filed with the PSC on August 23rd.

Kemper Has A Long Tail

Kemper Has A Long Tail

Kemper has a long tail.  Customers, PSC and MPUS must be patience and remain diligent.

PSC Tilts the Scales Toward the Consumer

Standing Firm and Pushing Back:  The PSC Tilts the Scales Toward the Consumer

MPCO brazenly threatens recovery of all costs associated with the gasifiers, definitely not in the best interests of its customers.  The PSC tilts the scales toward the consumer threatening a Show Cause Order which demands MPC prove the need of the Kemper Project in the first place or risk having the entire site closed resulting...