Stupid Voters.

“Grubered” voters. Now that stupid voters realize they were Grubered, they really don’t like Obamacare and those responsible for it. Half of the senators responsible for it are no longer senators. The major news sources which sat on the videos are also responsible. Kelley  Williams, Chair Bigger Pie Forum,  December 8, 2014 “Mama says stupid is as […]

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A big fat surprise.

Facts are often suppressed because the establishment dictates what we “should” believe… whomever has the largest grant tends to have the largest opinion. Kelley Williams,  Chair Bigger Pie Forum,   June 12, 2014 You got your mind right, Luke?   In 1616 the church told Italian astronomer Galileo not to teach that the earth orbited the sun.  […]

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Clean coal power plants face serious problems

So-called clean coal power plants might not be the answer to new EPA regulations governing the reduction of carbon dioxide. By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog | June 5, 2014   So-called clean coal power plants might not be the answer to new EPA regulations governing the reduction of carbon dioxide. The EPA released Monday new requirements for Mississippi that would […]

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