• W.E. Elam

    Elam, of course, didn’t know the Corps would restrict the flow. But he could have predicted the result. The river would back up, rise, flood the batture, and cause backwater floods on the Yazoo and other tributaries. It has.

A Bigger Pie View

This piece from Seeking Alpha is designed to be the "chicken soup for the soul" for potential Southern Company investors.  The piece says that the utility presently has the "blues" with billions in cost overruns for the Kemper Project coal gasification power plant...

Regulating Hospital Competition

Hospital cartels are created and exist by Certificates of Need issued by state Departments of Health or some similar agency created by state legislatures. They legally limit competition.

A Bigger Pie Book Review

In Masters of Craft, Ocejo focuses on four of the myriad new “artisanal professions” – bartending, distilling, barbering and butchering. His in depth look at these four crafts provides a narrow but fascinating perspective on how the millennial generations, many of which are just entering the workforce, are grappling with a post-industrial economy that has seen many traditional career paths disrupted or eliminated entirely.