• Scales Slide

    MPCO brazenly threatens recovery of all costs associated with the gasifiers, definitely not in the best interests of its customers.  The PSC tilts the scales toward the consumer threatening a Show Cause Order which demands MPC prove the need of the Kemper Project in the first place or risk having the entire site closed resulting […]

A BPF Book Review

It’s no secret that the Internet has become the world’s dominant communications network over the past two decades. It’s stunning rise to economic powerhouse has far surpassed the success of its precursor networks. In the process, a handful of mega tech companies have overwhelmed the regulatory structure intended to foster innovation, growth and a market place open to all competitors.

BPF View: Crony Capitalism

When government officials use tax dollars to pick winners and losers, too often it's the taxpayers left holding the bag, such as with KiOR.

Urban Flash Floods Part I: Who Is at Fault?

Urban Flash Floods Part I: Who Is at Fault? Flooding in urban settings is a complex and tricky issue for regulators, whether it is at the local, county or state level. Flash flooding can become especially contentious when failure to install retention ponds in one jurisdiction exacerbates flash flooding in a different jurisdiction downstream.