• Photo illustration by Steve Wilson
VIABLE: Despite low natural gas prices and a study that shows running the Kemper Project clean coal power plant on natural gas would be more cost-efficient, Mississippi Power plans to ask customers to pay to run it on lignite coal.

    It might be cheaper to run the Kemper Project clean coal power plant’s turbines on natural gas, but Mississippi Power wants customers to pay most of the cost for the coal gasification part of the plant.

Way to go, Mad Dog...

"Way to go, Mad Dog."

Department of Education?

Why we have a Department of Education: "Essentially, Carter's argument—similar to the argument President George W. Bush used to create the bloated, expensive, and ineffective Department of Homeland Security—is that because of all the "bureaucratic buck passing," a new bureaucracy must be created."

Occupational Licensing

Mississippi licenses more occupations than only four other states. The people responsible for granting licenses are, in many cases, in the same business as those they license.