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Expensive Electricity and Blackouts

Expensive Electricity and Blackouts

What raises electric rates and causes blackouts?  Too many windmills and solar panels.  What causes too many windmills and solar panels?  Federal subsidies.  What’s the latest and biggest perverse federal subsidy?  The “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Thomas Edison's Dynamo

Cashier in the Coal Mine

Coal is still the primary fuel used for generating electricity worldwide with a market share of 36.7%.  In the U.S., coal’s share is 21.8%, which ranks second to natural gas at 38.3%.

Reality vs. Wishful Thinking

Energy Reality vs. Wishful Thinking

In reality, electricity from solar and wind (renewable energy) can supplement energy from fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal). But thinking it can replace fossil fuels is wishful thinking. Why? Because renewables are intermittent (sporadic). Solar panels generate electricity about 30% of the time on average. But they may not generate any electricity for days. Same for windmills.

Energy Madness

Virtuous Madness

The U.S. also has energy shortages, but they haven’t caused electricity rationing yet. Just higher prices for electricity, gasoline, natural gas, food, and other essentials. Mississippi is also infected with the madness.

Inflation 2022

Carbon To the Rescue?

Inflation is all the rage today, or at least the cause of today’s rage.  Whether it is filling up your gas tank or your grocery cart, the pump and barcode price shocks are breathtaking.

Sunflower County Solar Farm Entergy Experiment

Another Utility Hustle

The Mississippi Public Service Commission purports to regulate utility monopolies including Mississippi Power and Entergy Mississippi. But the PSC actually shills for them.