Kemper: Turtles all the way down.

Kemper’s fantasy is that worthless lignite can be turned into a syn gas substitute for natural gas in an experimental plant and burned in a slightly modified conventional natural gas plant to produce electricity cheaper than from natural gas. Kelley Williams,  Chair Bigger Pie Forum,  August 27, 2014 A myth is a widely held false […]

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Follow the money

Kemper is so irrational and unfair. How can it happen here? Is Mississippi just like Washington? Is everything political? By Kelley Williams | Chair, Bigger Pie Forum | July 7, 2014 Kemper is so irrational and unfair.  How can it happen here?  Is Mississippi just like Washington?  Is everything political?  Northsidesun readers are skeptical about […]

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A big fat surprise.

Facts are often suppressed because the establishment dictates what we “should” believe… whomever has the largest grant tends to have the largest opinion. Kelley Williams,  Chair Bigger Pie Forum,   June 12, 2014 You got your mind right, Luke?   In 1616 the church told Italian astronomer Galileo not to teach that the earth orbited the sun.  […]

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PSC process abuses Kemper's customers

…The Kemper plant is now over three times its announced cost and eleven times the cost of the same size natural gas plant – with more cost increases coming. Kemper Kemper is Mississippi Power’s $5.8 billion experimental plant to produce electricity from lignite (low grade coal).  It is under construction, behind schedule, and way over […]

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Waist deep in the Big Muddy

And the big fool said to push on. Pete Seeger’s 1967 song was a metaphor for Lyndon Johnson and the Viet Nam War. It is now shorthand for a blind escalating commitment to a lost cause…Kemper’s Mississippi casualties are likely to include investments, jobs, the economy and the poor – if customers under Mississippi Power’s […]

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A Better Economic Development Policy

…an economic development policy that encourages private investments by knowledgeable businesses and individuals with skin in the game has a better chance of working than “next generation technology investments” picked by the governor and the Mississippi Development Authority. A better economic development policy I recently wrote about Mississippi’s efforts to create jobs by backing new […]

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