The Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi is a ticking fiscal time bomb.

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PERS Management Fees

PERS Management Fees Could Be Capped With Senate Bill 2115

by BPF Published February 4, 2020 A much-needed bill in the Mississippi Legislature could reduce the amount that the state’s defined benefit pension system pays to outside money managers.

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Mississippi's Chronic Debt Crisis

Mississippi plagued by stagnant economy and growing debt

A briefing on Mississippi’s economy given by the state economist and treasurer to leaders of the legislature on Wednesday reveal a stagnant economy and a growing debt.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin

Despite Cuts, More Pension Woes

“We have to deal with reality,” Mr. Bevin said. “Everything is on the table, absolutely.” Hello, Mississippi.

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$1.5 billion: Unfunded liabilities a problem for Mississippi pension system

Mississippi’s defined-benefit pension system — which serves most state, county and municipal employees — has $16 billion in unfunded liabilities and is far below an 80 percent funding level, considered the benchmark for a healthy pension fund.

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PERS Update: Fairy Dust in Investment Return Assumptions?

The good news is that they lowered the investment assumption from 8% to 7.75%. The bad news is that they don’t actually expect the fund’s investments to return anywhere close to 7.75%.


State pension fund recovery stalled

Actuaries reported in October that the PERS funding percentage — the share of future obligations covered by current assets — ticked down to 60.4 percent from 61 percent the year before.


The Pension Sink Is Gulping Billions in Tax Raises

Remember that ‘temporary’ tax hike for California schools? Most is now going to public worker retirements. By STEVE MALANGA | | January 13, 2015 California Gov. Jerry Brown sold a $6 billion tax increase to voters in 2012 by promising that nearly half of the money would go to bolster public schools. Critics argued that much…