Mississippi’s Electric Grid Stability

BPF follows, analyzes and comments on the latest Mississippi legislative session striving to inform Mississippians on its views regarding public policies that benefit or cause harm to our economic condition.

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Government Monopoly

How Are Hospitals and Electric Utilities Alike?

Both are regulated monopolies. Government monopolies. Patients and customers are denied the benefits of competition. Patients have fewer choices and get government medicine. Customers get more expensive and less reliable electricity.

Entergy Sunflower Solar Station

Do You Want Your Electricity On or Green?

Solar’s intermittency is a problem for the grid that connects plants that generate electricity and customers that use it. The grid doesn’t store electricity. So the customer’s demand for electricity must be in balance with the supply of electricity from the plants that generate it. Otherwise, the grid destabilizes and bad things happen (e.g., rolling brownouts, blackouts, and even grid failure).

BPF Motion To Intervene in Wildwood Solar, LLC

BPF Motion To Intervene in WildWood Solar, LLC

Bigger Pie and its readers have a substantial interest in the outcome of this proceeding, and in the provision of suggestions relating to Wildwood Solar, LLC, and therefore request permission to intervene in this Docket.

Entergy Sunflower Solar Station

Should Entergy’s Customers Pay More for Less?

Entergy Mississippi is an electric utility. It has a legal monopoly in 45 counties with almost 400,000 residential customers (households). It is regulated by the Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC). The PSC has allowed Entergy to increase rates for these customers 32% over the last three years. Why? Should customers pay even more for less?

Book Review of Fossil Future

BPF Book Review of Alex Epstein’s “Fossil Future”

Fossil Future is chock full of data, charts and anecdotes telling in great detail the roles fossil fuels played in creating today’s cornucopia of abundance. Especially compelling are the “hockey-stick” charts that reveal the close correlation between the development of hydrocarbons and the dramatic rise of world GDP, world population, world life expectancy and human flourishing.

Coincidences, Conspiracies and Occam's Razor

Coincidences, Conspiracies and Occam’s Razor

We could use more facts and less speculation today about Covid, energy, climate, other issues and related policy mistakes and crimes.  And, less government and social media censorship, manipulated data and demonization of independent thinkers who question government narratives.  And, who also expose mistakes and hidden agendas.