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BPF strives to inform citizens and elected officials on its views regarding public policies that benefit or cause hard to Mississippi's economic condition. Bigger Pie believes sound public policy grounded in fiscal responsibility is a cornerstone to successful communities.

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Legislative Session 2021


BPF Legislative Halftime Report

BPF Legislative Halftime Report

The Mississippi Legislature is halfway through its 90-day session. Here are some bills that are still alive. These bills have passed the House (if they start with HB) or the Senate (if they start with SB). They now go to the other house for consideration.

MS Legislators

A BPF view: Lobbyists and Legislative Staff

Mississippi’s individual legislators have no staff and are dependent on an army of lobbyists to inform them about particular bills and appropriations.

Tax Codes

A BPF View: Tax Code Overreach and Market Deformation

The tax code should be greatly simplified to only fund essential government services while eliminating the market-distorting incentives that favor the connected.  Anything further is costlier to taxpayers in the end.

A BPF View - PERS Fiscal Time Bomb

A BPF View – PERS Fiscal Time Bomb

According to data from the Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi, the annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) given to retirees, often in a year-ending lump sum known as the “13th check,” is threatening to hollow out the pension fund’s finances. 

Shadrack White

Attorney General’s Financial Literacy Program

Mississippi’s Attorney General is suing companies and reaching settlements that funnel money to his favorite pet projects – such as the Financial Literacy Program. The Clarion Ledger ran an opinion piece outlining how those settlements violated the state constitution and were bad policy.

A BPF View: Mississippi's Credit Rating

A Bigger Pie View: Mississippi’s Credit Rating

PERS and the state’s budgetary issues are two main reasons for the downgrade.