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The Kemper County Clean Lignite Plant

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Kemper County IGCC Power Plant


The PSC knowingly treating Kemper lignite gasification investment, operating and maintenance costs as a utility rather than the fuel factory they are, allowed Mississippi Power Co. (MPC) to play Three-Card Monte with customers as their mark.

Southern Co. CEO Tom Fanning, right, and Mississippi Power CEO Ed Holland welcome U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz

Wingo: I told Southern CEO Fanning that Kemper timeline was a fraud

Records show muzzled former Kemper construction supervisor warned Mississippi Power and Southern Co. executives that they were reporting false construction timelines for completion of the multi-billion dollar Kemper plant in their filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and to the investing public

Kemper IGCC Power Plant

Former regulator: Kemper Project costs passed on to Alabamians

The Southern Company is spreading the costs of Mississippi Power’s Kemper Project “clean coal” power plant to at least one of its other subsidiaries

A view of Kemper’s carbon dioxide absorbers.

It’s still a good idea

Bad news for Mississippi Power. Good news for its customers. The Mississippi Public Service Commission met recently to implement the Mississippi Supreme Court’s orders issued six months ago to rescind the 18% rate increase and refund the $350 million the company illegally collected for its Kemper lignite project.

Paul Harvey

An untold Entergy story

Recently Entergy Mississippi’s VP Public Relations said in a letter to the editor that I had “… conveniently missed one of the biggest stories in Mississippi electric utility history.”…well…Here’s the “rest of the story.”


The old quarterback’s resume

Late last year the CEO of Mississippi Power announced the hiring of a new project manager to quarterback the completion of construction and startup of its troubled Kemper County Lignite Plant’s experimental gasifier. The announcement didn’t say anything about the old quarterback (Brett Wingo) or what happened to him. Apparently he was sacked and is…