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The Kemper County Lignite Plant is a cancer in Mississippi's economy. Bigger Pie has done an extensive body of work regarding the Kemper Plant through the years. From the beginning, the plant's additional capacity was not needed. For years, the building of this plant soared over budget and time constraints ending up costing over $7 billion and 7 years to construct a plant which ultimately did not work.

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Southern CEO Dream

Southern Company's Dream

by BPF Published March 4, 2020 The Southern Company’s dream of a multi-billion plant to transform lignite into electricity will be history in four short years. According to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the gasifiers and chemical plant will be scrapped by 2024. Remediation of the Liberty lignite mine will be completed this year.

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Kemper Has A Long Tail

Kemper Has A Long Tail

Kemper has a long tail.  Customers, PSC and MPUS must be patience and remain diligent.

PSC Tilts the Scales Toward the Consumer

Standing Firm and Pushing Back:  The PSC Tilts the Scales Toward the Consumer

MPCO brazenly threatens recovery of all costs associated with the gasifiers, definitely not in the best interests of its customers.  The PSC tilts the scales toward the consumer threatening a Show Cause Order which demands MPC prove the need of the Kemper Project in the first place or risk having the entire site closed resulting in total write offs of $7.6 billion.

The Need for a Consumer Advocate

Where’s the Prosecutor – The Need for a Consumer Advocate

It’s not a fair fight. It’s not a fight at all because there is no one representing the little guy.  Who should? The AG?  He could, but he’s AWOL.  Or a consumer advocate?

I Don't Always...

I Don’t Always…

I don’t always believe stories from Mississippi Power or from its parent Southern Company about the Kemper Lignite Plant.  But when I do, it’s because I’ve been kidnapped, tortured, drugged, and forced to watch endless video loops of CNN and MSNBC and Chris Mathews.

BB King

A Bigger Pie View – Southern Company Blues

This piece from Seeking Alpha is designed to be the “chicken soup for the soul” for potential Southern Company investors.  The piece says that the utility presently has the “blues” with billions in cost overruns for the Kemper Project coal gasification power plant…

Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Mississippi River Commission (MRC)

The PSC and the MRC

What do the Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Mississippi River Commission (MRC) have in common? Both have presided over multi-billion dollar project failures.