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The Kemper County Lignite Plant is a cancer in Mississippi's economy. Bigger Pie has done an extensive body of work regarding the Kemper Plant through the years. From the beginning, the plant's additional capacity was not needed. For years, the building of this plant soared over budget and time constraints ending up costing over $7 billion and 7 years to construct a plant which ultimately did not work.

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Southern CEO Dream

Southern Company's Dream

by BPF Published March 4, 2020 The Southern Company’s dream of a multi-billion plant to transform lignite into electricity will be history in four short years. According to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the gasifiers and chemical plant will be scrapped by 2024. Remediation of the Liberty lignite mine will be completed this year.

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Legislative Session 2018


The Overton Window

Trump, Kemper, and Mississippi Floods

What do Donald Trump, the Kemper County Lignite Plant, and Mississippi River floods have in common? The Overton Window explains all three. Yeh, sure. What’s the Overton Window?

Utility Rate Comparison

Mississippi’s Kemper Project in three charts

The Kemper Project is a controversial clean coal power plant that’s designed to convert lignite coal mined on site into a natural gas-like substance called synthesis gas to fuel its electricity-generating turbines.

Kemper: As We've Been Saying

Kemper: as we’ve been saying….

We challenged conventional wisdom and established authority and suffered the consequences (destroy the heretic) – but have been vindicated.

Kemper timeline from start to finish.

The Kemper combined cycle plant

Mississippi Power comes clean. Not.

Southern buried the investigation in the last paragraph on page 25 of its 303 page 10Q quarterly report filed Thursday May 5. But Bloomberg and other news services found it anyway.


Fuel Prices used in 2009 Kemper Business Case (Certification Filing)

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Timeline of events surrounding Kemper cost projections – CONDENSED

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