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Mississippi's Public Service Commission regulatory structure needs change in order to prevent another Kemper Plant debacle - a voice for the customers must be represented.

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Not So Ready Kilowatt

Not So Ready Kilowatt

by BPF Published March 25, 2021 Regulators from Arkansas and Louisiana are buzzing around Entergy’s Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant. The buzz from those state regulators is a challenge filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) which is Grand Gulf’s primary regulatory oversight.  Strangely, Mississippi’s regulators are not yet party to this latest investigation of Grand Gulf and its recent operations.  This begs the question — why not?

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The Need for a Consumer Advocate

Where’s the Prosecutor – The Need for a Consumer Advocate

It’s not a fair fight. It’s not a fight at all because there is no one representing the little guy.  Who should? The AG?  He could, but he’s AWOL.  Or a consumer advocate?