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Mississippi's Public Service Commission regulatory structure needs change in order to prevent another Kemper Plant debacle - a voice for the customers must be represented.

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Entergy's Grand Gulf

Entergy’s Grand Gulf Is Causing Higher Electricity Bills for Its Customers

by BPF Published January 4, 2021 Entergy Mississippi customers are paying for power neither received nor even generated.

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Legislative Session 2021



PSC IRP Process

Will the PSC Implement an Integrated Resource Planning Process (IRP) for Electric Utilities?

The MS Public Service Commission is investigating implementing an integrated resource planning (IRP) process for electric utilities. As described by the PSC, IRP is “a long range planning process that requires a utility to forecast it’s future energy demand and evaluate how that demand can most efficiently and cost-effectively be met.”

BPF Intervenor

BPF Intervenor Filing on Integrated Resource Planning Rule 2018-AD-64

Bigger Pie Forum was approved Friday to participate in a docket with the Mississippi Public Service Commission that will decide how the commission reviews the future generation needs and capacity of the state’s two investor-owned utilities, Mississippi Power and Entergy.

Mississippi Public Service Commission

PSC Starts Conducting Rate Case Audits of Entergy and Mississippi Power

The PSC will now hire outside firms to audit Entergy and Mississippi Power whenever they come before the commission with a rate case to make sure the company is spending its money prudently on capital costs, salaries and other expenses. 

A Conversation Starter for Changing Mississippi’s Regulation of Utilities

A Conversation Starter for Changing Mississippi’s Regulation of Utilities

Bigger Pie Forum commissioned a study of the structure of PSCs around the country. Among its many discoveries, the study found that Mississippi’s arrangement, which has an investigative staff that is a separate entity from the PSC, is unique among the states.

PSC Tilts the Scales Toward the Consumer

Standing Firm and Pushing Back:  The PSC Tilts the Scales Toward the Consumer

MPCO brazenly threatens recovery of all costs associated with the gasifiers, definitely not in the best interests of its customers.  The PSC tilts the scales toward the consumer threatening a Show Cause Order which demands MPC prove the need of the Kemper Project in the first place or risk having the entire site closed resulting in total write offs of $7.6 billion.

The Need for a Consumer Advocate

Where’s the Prosecutor – The Need for a Consumer Advocate

It’s not a fair fight. It’s not a fight at all because there is no one representing the little guy.  Who should? The AG?  He could, but he’s AWOL.  Or a consumer advocate?