Oil Prices Kill an $11 Billion Bayou Plan

A good example of how in the free market a company has to react and bight the bullet when commodity prices go the wrong way. By Patrick McGroarty And Alison Sider | www.wsj.com | Jan. 28, 2015 South African energy giant Sasol Ltd. said Wednesday it was shelving an $11 billion project on Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, imperiling one of the largest foreign investments […]

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Mr. Papa retired last July as CEO of EOG Resources

The Oilman to Thank at Your Next Fill-Up

The ‘accidental CEO’ Mark Papa says even he underestimated the shale revolution, which will continue despite lower prices…“If you want to point to a success of private enterprise, and how the capitalist system works for the benefit of the total U.S. economy,” he says, “I can’t come up with a more glowing example.” By JOSEPH RAGO […]

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