Carbon Tax Torn Asunder Down Under

Green agenda is to tax and harass “bad” energy sources (coal, oil, etc.) while subsidizing “good” energy (solar, wind, biofuels, clean coal, etc.) This drives investments away from “bad” but efficient energy generation to “good” but inefficient and expensive energy. Australia just killed the carbon tax. It’s is a victory for reason and shows that […]

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A big fat surprise.

Facts are often suppressed because the establishment dictates what we “should” believe… whomever has the largest grant tends to have the largest opinion. Kelley Williams,  Chair Bigger Pie Forum,   June 12, 2014 You got your mind right, Luke?   In 1616 the church told Italian astronomer Galileo not to teach that the earth orbited the sun.  […]

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Will Ratepayers Be Stuck if the Landscape Changes?

Public electric utilities: These legal monopolies get to be the only show in town in exchange for having regulators set their prices. In turn, the regulators are supposed to set fair rates that are affordable to customers and compensate power companies enough to incentivize them to do business. Public electric utilities: These legal monopolies get […]

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Green Energy Investments Levy Safety on Taxpayers

Environmentalism seems to spawn corruption and cronyism on both sides of the Atlantic, according to John Hinderaker of Power Line blog. He provides an excerpt from the Daily Mail, which reports on its three-month investigation of renewable energy corruption on the other side of the pond. Environmentalism seems to spawn corruption and cronyism on both […]

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Cronyism: Risky Business for Mississippi

Taxpayers, watch out. Cronyism is risky business. An article from the Wall Street Journal bemoans the workings of cronyism in the green energy field. It notes that several companies authorized for $9.5 million in Department of Energy grants just before the federal government shutdown had the same investor in common: Khosla Ventures, run by Vinod […]

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