Liberal bias in academia is destroying the integrity of research

Academic research is largely funded by government grants. So research results tend to promote government agendas. Research success is measured by grant dollars received. “You say nice things about my research, I’ll say nice things about yours. We’ll both get more grants.” By Naomi Schaefer Riley | October 12, 2014 | 12:00am | How reliable is academic […]

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A big fat surprise.

Facts are often suppressed because the establishment dictates what we “should” believe… whomever has the largest grant tends to have the largest opinion. Kelley Williams,  Chair Bigger Pie Forum,   June 12, 2014 You got your mind right, Luke?   In 1616 the church told Italian astronomer Galileo not to teach that the earth orbited the sun.  […]

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Should Government Subsidize Higher Education?

When it comes to agricultural subsidies, scholars line up to criticize. They point out that these government funds cause overproduction and waste, that they stifle innovation, and that they are unfair, since lower-income taxpayers are forced to contribute to wealthier individuals. But on the subject of subsidies to academia, scholars are noticeably silent. They are […]

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