U.S. Department of Energy

The DOE vs. Ugly Reality

Question number 55 from the Trump Transition Team to Obama’s Department of Energy suggests that the respected Energy Information Agency may be cooking the books to understate costs of alternative solar and wind power. 55 EIA’s assessments of levelized costs for renewable technologies do not contain back-up costs for the fossil fuel technologies that are […]

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Oil Rig


“If you’re an environmentalist, this is obviously a major bummer, and a signal failure of the Obama presidency.” Also a major bummer if you are Southern Company building a $7 billion power plant to run on a natural gas substitute. And a signal failure of its management.

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Agency: DOE’s green energy loans won’t make a profit

By Michael Bastasch | Published April 28, 2015 | www.thedailycaller – AP Photo It’s official, the Energy Department’s green energy loan program is actually expected to lose money despite media reports that such loans would net the government a profit. The Government Accountability Office says the DOE’s oft-touted $28 billion loan program will cost taxpayers $2.21 billion over the lifetime […]

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