How to convince a climate skeptic he’s wrong

Just the facts, Ma’am. By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley | Guest Blogger | April 9, 2015 | “What Evidence,” asks Ronald Bailey’s headline (, April 3, 2015), “Would Convince You That Man-Made Climate Change Is Real?” The answer: a rational, scientific case rooted in established theory and data would convince me that manmade climate change […]

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States Should Defy Unlawful EPA Carbon Dioxide Rules

Yes. Anthony Watts / 1 day ago  / / March 19, 2015 Guest opinion by Steve Goreham Originally published in Communities Digital News. Last June, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed its Clean Power Plan as a nationwide regulation to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from electrical power plants. Comments to the EPA have now been submitted, and it’s not […]

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Mississippi State Capitol

Expert says EPA plan will kill Mississippians

Another good example of how regulatory over reach costs citizens and stymies economic growth. By Emily Le Coz | The Clarion-Ledger | February 2, 2015 Former Environmental Protection Agency regulator David Schnare urged Mississippi lawmakers to defy a federal rule requiring states to implement sweeping greenhouse-gas reduction plans, calling it both costly and illegal. Lawmakers have […]

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Global Warming


As we were saying about government funded “research.” POSTED ON OCTOBER 12, 2014 |  BY JOHN HINDERAKER IN CLIMATE | It comes from Richard Feynman, one of the pre-eminent scientists of modern times, via the Science and Environmental Policy Project: You cannot prove a vague theory wrong. If the guess that you make is poorly expressed and the method you have […]

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