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BPF strives to inform citizens and elected officials on its views regarding public policies that benefit or cause hard to Mississippi's economic condition. Bigger Pie believes sound public policy grounded in fiscal responsibility is a cornerstone to successful communities.

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Cutting Occupational Licensing Red Tape

Cutting Occupational Licensing Red Tape

by BPF Published July 8, 2020 Bills that give high school students the ability to earn credit for apprenticeships and another that gives the state's Occupational Licensing Review Commission (OLRC) backward-looking review power were signed into law by Gov. Tate Reeves. The governor also approved another bill that makes it easier for military members or their spouses to earn occupational licenses.

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Legislative Session 2018



Mississippi’s pension crisis explained in four charts

The Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi is in serious jeopardy, as the number of retirees increase and the unfunded liabilities continue to grow.


A frugal ostrich named Gilbert

The Secretary is responsible for campaign finance reporting. It’s not working. But he seems to ignore the problems.


Earned mistrust

That may be why people who mistrust government are staunch supporters of freedom of the press and the right of citizens to bear arms.

Jackson Airport

Jackson International Airport – the rest of the story

In 87 years of operations, Jackson’s airports have never suffered a hi-jacking, but that streak may be about to end.

Mark Twain

Good intentions

“It’s noble to be good, and it’s nobler to teach others to be good and less trouble.” Mark Twain’s words might be rephrased as: “It’s better and easier to do good in someone else’s neighborhood.”


Goldilocks and the three tax cuts

One was too hot. One was too cold. And one was just right. The governor has one: The Working Families Tax Cut. The lieutenant governor has one: The Taxpayer Pay Raise Act. And the speaker has one: call it the Mine is Bigger than Both of Yours Tax Cut. Which one is just right for…