BPF promotes environmental regulatory reform and actively engages the bureaucracy regulating flooding on the Mississippi River. BPF believes mitigating the flooding by using Old River Control Complex would give Mississippians back their privately owned land.

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Black Swan - Bureaucrats

Bureaucrats All the Way Down

Bureaucrats default to the 1928 Mississippi River and Tributaries Project flood control plan even though it causes record floods. They ignore the bottlenecks, declare 900,000 acres flooded inside the levees a non-event, default to dredging and raising levees — and hope no Black Swan (a rare event with extreme consequences) happens on their watch.


Tip of a Mudberg

The Titanic ran into an iceberg.  And sank.  The US Army Corps of Engineers has run into a “Mudberg.”  And its reputation is sinking.  Mudberg is a thirty-foot-high mound of sediments in the Mississippi River above Baton Rouge that restricts its flow.  It slows the discharge to the Gulf of what were beneficial short, spring...

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Update to Urban Flash Floods Part I: Who Is at Fault?

UPDATE: Bigger Pie first commented on the urban flooding issue in November 2017. It is a serious issue that has frustrated many citizens across Jackson.

Time to Change the Flood Control Plan

Time to Change the Flood Control Plan

I testified about flooding on the Mississippi before the Mississippi River Commission in Greenville on April 18, 2018. Readers with properties on the river, its oxbow lakes, and tributaries may be surprised to learn why they flood.  It’s the bottlenecks.

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Mississippi River Commission Presentations

The engineering answer is simple. The politics aren’t. Here’s the story.


Mississippi River Commission Testimony: Kelley Williams in Greenville Apr 2018

I think everyone here knows the Mississippi is flooding more.  But you might be surprised to know that it’s the worst in 400 years.  And that most of it is due to flood control projects. That’s right, flood control causes flooding.  According to research published in Nature this month.