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The Kemper County Lignite Plant is a cancer in Mississippi's economy. Bigger Pie has done an extensive body of work regarding the Kemper Plant through the years. From the beginning, the plant's additional capacity was not needed. For years, the building of this plant soared over budget and time constraints ending up costing over $7 billion and 7 years to construct a plant which ultimately did not work.

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Southern CEO Dream

Southern Company's Dream

by BPF Published March 4, 2020 The Southern Company’s dream of a multi-billion plant to transform lignite into electricity will be history in four short years. According to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the gasifiers and chemical plant will be scrapped by 2024. Remediation of the Liberty lignite mine will be completed this year.

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Legislative Session 2020


The Kemper Clean County Project delayed again.

A Bigger Pie View: Federal government needs to dry up clean coal grants

While energy research is important, there are some experiments that the federal government needs to stop funding.

Mississippi Power’s Kemper County energy facility near DeKalb, Miss.

Southern’s Risky Projects are Undercutting Profits and Stock Price

Southern violates the first law of holes: when you are in a hole, quit digging. It keeps throwing good money after bad at its Mississippi Kemper Lignite Project. That may be because it thinks it’s throwing customer’s money. That will be the case if Mississippi’s Public Service Commission makes customers pay for Southern’s mistakes. The commissioners are politicians. They may do it.

Kemper County integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant

Moody’s reviewing Mississippi Power Company for a Downgrade

“The review of Mississippi Power’s ratings considers the declining competitiveness of the Kemper Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plant as project costs have continued to rise, operating costs are increasing, and natural gas prices remain low…” and “The review also reflects the continued inability of the company to place the plant into service, with nine schedule extensions of the in-service date announced thus far, the most recent last week.”

The coal feed system on top of the gasifier assembly at Kemper.

Lawsuits Against Southern Company’s Kemper Plant

The Kemper Project clean coal power plant has been generating electricity using natural gas since 2014, but now the facility is generating something else for its owner — lawsuits.

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It is time for the PSC to acknowledge the naked facts and Rule the lignite portions of Kemper Not Useful.

Kemper IGCC Plant

Investors File Lawsuit Against Southern Company

As we have been saying…