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The Kemper County Lignite Plant is a cancer in Mississippi's economy. Bigger Pie has done an extensive body of work regarding the Kemper Plant through the years. From the beginning, the plant's additional capacity was not needed. For years, the building of this plant soared over budget and time constraints ending up costing over $7 billion and 7 years to construct a plant which ultimately did not work.

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Legislative Session 2021


Engineers and Managers are Abandoning the Kemper IGCC Project

Engineers and Managers Are Abandoning the Kemper Project

Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Will Southern’s CEO Tom Fanning go down with the ship? He commanded Kemper’s boondoggle to work. It hasn’t anyway. King Canute commanded the tide not to come in. It did anyway. Two egomaniacs? No. Just one. King Canute knew better.

Kemper County integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant

Kemper: Death by a Thousand Cuts – Update of Slow Agony, Sure Death.

We predicted Mississippi Power and Southern Cos would opt for a negotiated settlement of Kemper cost recovery if the free pass from Mississippi Regulators ended.

Seeking Alpha

Southern suspends work on proposed Georgia nuclear plant

Southern Company is struggling to complete two nuclear plants under construction. So it pulls the plug on a planned new nuclear plant. It’s struggling with the Kemper “clean coal plant” too. No announcement yet about all its touted future “Kempers.”

Clean Energy's Dirty Secret

Clean energy’s dirty secret – Wind and solar power are disrupting electricity systems

…the more states support renewables, the more they pay for conventional power plants, too, using “capacity payments” to alleviate intermittency. In effect, politicians rather than markets are once again deciding how to avoid blackouts.” And we know politicians are really smart about energy as Kemper proves.

Southern Company to the MS PSC - It's Your Fault

Southern Company to the MS PSC – It’s Your Fault

According to this, there was some politics involved. Shocking!

Kemper IGCC Report

Kemper Report: Cheaper on Natural Gas

It might be cheaper to run the Kemper Project clean coal power plant’s turbines on natural gas, but Mississippi Power wants customers to pay most of the cost for the coal gasification part of the plant.