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The Kemper County Lignite Plant is a cancer in Mississippi's economy. Bigger Pie has done an extensive body of work regarding the Kemper Plant through the years. From the beginning, the plant's additional capacity was not needed. For years, the building of this plant soared over budget and time constraints ending up costing over $7 billion and 7 years to construct a plant which ultimately did not work.

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Kemper combined cycle plant

Mississippi Power, state officials nearing a deal to trim massive rate-hike

Mississippi Power and state utility are close to an agreement that would defer some regulatory costs on the Kemper Project power plant in exchange for a power rate reduction.

Kemper County IGCC Power Plant

New rate increase for Mississippi Power could be headed to court

Mississippi Power customers should have kept the champagne on ice to celebrate the end of an 18 percent rate increase. Turns out their bills will increase by the same amount in September, barring another court order.


Mississippi Power Company’s 2014 Retail Customer Breakdown

  Mississippi Power Company’s 2014 Retail Customer Breakdown Dollars and KWH (Millions) Revenue KWH Residential $239 30.1%         2,126 21.3% Commercial 257 32.3%         2,860 28.7% Industrial 291 36.6%         4,943 49.6% Other 7 0.9%               41 0.4% Total Retail $795 99.9%         9,969 100.0%      

A view of Kemper’s carbon dioxide absorbers.

It’s still a good idea

Bad news for Mississippi Power. Good news for its customers. The Mississippi Public Service Commission met recently to implement the Mississippi Supreme Court’s orders issued six months ago to rescind the 18% rate increase and refund the $350 million the company illegally collected for its Kemper lignite project.

Paul Harvey

An untold Entergy story

Recently Entergy Mississippi’s VP Public Relations said in a letter to the editor that I had “… conveniently missed one of the biggest stories in Mississippi electric utility history.”…well…Here’s the “rest of the story.”


The old quarterback’s resume

Late last year the CEO of Mississippi Power announced the hiring of a new project manager to quarterback the completion of construction and startup of its troubled Kemper County Lignite Plant’s experimental gasifier. The announcement didn’t say anything about the old quarterback (Brett Wingo) or what happened to him. Apparently he was sacked and is…