MS River Flooding

Bigger Pie Forum (BPF) has been studying the flooding on the Lower Mississippi River in an effort to understand why private landowners from Clarksdale to Baton Rouge are flooding more frequently, longer and higher.

We have published articles and charts of data to make a case that the Lower MS River is rising and flooding more because the Corps is not increasing the discharge to the Gulf fast enough to keep up with the faster flow downriver.

The faster flow is not due to more rain, but the rain and snow melt runs off faster now due to increasing development upriver.  And it flows downriver faster due to Corps projects to straighten, shorten and channel the river.

BPF believes the Corps should use the unused capacity at Old River Control Complex (ORCC) to relieve the bottleneck at New Orleans, lower the river and reduce the flooding.

The articles and charts tabs provide our full case.  The testimonies tab provides testimonies before the Mississippi River Commission (MRC) documenting our case.