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Republican patriarch Reed endorses Democrat for PSC

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Geoff Pender | www.The | 2:32 p.m. CDT October 27, 2015

The waaaay over-budget and behind-schedule Kemper County power plant has created strange bedfellows in the Southern District race for Public Service Commissioner.

Former state GOP Chairman Clarke Reed, a founder of the modern state Republican Party, has endorsed Democratic candidate Tom Blanton in his race against Republican Sam Britton for the Public Service Commission, which635815566050905058-Clarke-Reed-Photothumb oversees and regulates state utilities.

Blanton has long been an opponent of Mississippi Power Co.’s Kemper clean-coal power plant, originally estimated at $1.8 billion and now costing about $6 billion and long behind schedule for completion. Blanton successfully sued to overturn an 18-percent rake hike the PSC approved to help pay for the plant as it was being built.

Reed has written a guest column — which will run at and in print in The Clarion-Ledger — endorsing Blanton of Hattiesburg.

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