Chicken Little

Pittsburgh Tribune editorial calls the IPCC ‘climate-clucking Chicken Littles’

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No, you didn’t see this on a Mississippi daily newspaper editorial page.

A / September 5, 2014 / What’s Up With That?

Slowly, sanity is returning as witnessed by this pragmatic editorial on Sept 2nd:

The world’s loudest climate-clucking Chicken Littles foresee grain harvests diminishing, Greenland’s ice sheet melting, sea levels rising and extreme weather increasing. And there’s less time than ever to head off disaster by submitting to IPCC orthodoxy.

But even the loudest clucking can’t drown out contrary facts. U.S. temperatures haven’t risen in a decade. Global temperatures have been flat for 17 years. Prior warming was within natural variability. The IPCC’s main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, isn’t a pollutant. And humanity’s climate impact is negligible, so top-down “solutions” are pointless and economically harmful, as shown by Australia repealing its carbon tax in favor of voluntary clean-energy incentives.

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